I am committed to working with people who are most impacted by systemic oppressions - those who are  people of color, queer, gender non-conforming/genderqueer, working class folks, disabled, people of size, and those who navigate multiple oppressed identities. I offer free services, sliding scale services, and reduced rate programs to better serve these communities.

Your donations help support this aspect of my work - every dollar donated directly goes to supporting someone who wants to access my services and needs financial support to do so. In addition, you help me thrive as a business owner navigating many of these realities myself. 

Please note no donation size is too small and that if you cannot donate money, donating your time and volunteering is equally appreciated and valuable. 

You can make one time donations or pledge a certain amount monthly.  Paying on the high end of my sliding scale serves the same function.  Your donation at the link below is tax deductible.

In this way we build a community of care and help create redistribution of resources, reparations, and socially conscious community.  

Thank you for your support!