Work with India One-On-One

India offers individual sessions for bodywork, movement/dance guidance, vocal work, working on body acceptance and self love, and navigating chronic illness or disability with more ease.  

Sessions can be completed in person or online. For people living in the Bay Area, India also provides house calls to create access for individuals for whom traveling outside of the home is challenging.  

You can purchase a single session or design a package program with India, custom designed for your needs.

Life Navigation Sessions

Do you want to learn to navigate a health challenge/condition with more ease?    Does your to do list overwhelm you? Do you want to establish a more loving relationship with your body and your life?

India offers sessions that provide step by step guidance to help people achieve these goals.  In person or Skype sessions available.

Schedule a FREE consultation with India to decide if this work is the right fit for you:

Private Movement/Dance and/or Sounding/Singing Session

India offers private movement and/or sounding instruction for clients looking to deepen their connection to their bodies, to empower themselves and reclaim their voice, to navigate a changing relationship to their body, and to connect to movement and sound for personal expression and healing. In person or Skype sessions available.

Bodywork Sessions CMT #57115

India offers accessible bodywork for all types of clients. India has been a bodyworkers since 1999, and has over 2,000 hours of bodywork training.  She does everything from energy work and very light touch styles to deep tissue. India works at a couple of locations including an accessible office space. She also offers house calls.  India works with people on massage tables, mats on the floor, beds, in wheelchairs, whatever is comfortable for each client.