What people are saying...

Working with India has been a life-changing experience. She makes me feel so at ease with our work, and has helped me to both uncover and achieve the goals I want, rather than goals traditionally set for me. The first time she did massage for me, I knew there was no turning back. She has a respect for my needs, capacity, body, and desire that I’ve found in very few other bodyworkers. She was also able to help me transition to a self propelling wheelchair, at my desire and pace, giving me freedom I could never have otherwise had. From there we’ve done dance and workouts in the wheelchair, changing our routines and systems to meet my needs at the time. On top of physical work, she’s helped both me and my family on our path to unlearning ableism. My self acceptance and feelings of worth have increased tremendously with her compassion and guidance. On top of that she’s worked to help me achieve goals in art, performance, work, and general quality of life.
— Riya Bhargava
Photo of Roya Bhargava,. She is a young person of color sitting in a wheelchair. She has purple and green hair, is wearing glasses and a polka dot dress, and is smiling at the camera.

I have had chronic migraines for decades and in recent years the pain during a migraine is no longer limited to my head. My whole body hurts. Deep tissue massage is the best remedy. No one understands my body and its chronic pain like India. She is extraordinary. India is an intuitive, powerful, knowledgeable, and skillful healer. I am so grateful to India for the combination of skill and compassion she brings to her work.
— Shaleece Haas
Photo of Shaleece Haas.  She is pictured from shoulders up, has dark curly hair, and brown eyes.  She is wearing earrings, red lipstick, and smiles at the camera.
Photo of Muitma Imanii.  She is an african American woman with hair in short Locks. She is wearing earrings, a brown shirt, and smiles as she leans on one hand.
Dancing Freedom with India saved my life. Somehow the weekly dance session that combines the elements the Mystery, Magic, Music along with the freedom to dance any way I wanted, moved me so deeply - it’s medicine for my soul. Each class ended up being exactly where I needed. I trust Indie with my precious soul and through Dancing Freedom I have learned to love my precious self.
— Mutima Imani
I love India’s DanceAbility classes! I love the variety of dancers, from very experienced to very shy and/or inexperienced, continuing through the range of bodies across a spectrum of size and abilities and ages, to varying levels of comfort with movement and our bodies, It’s a joy to dance with her, and to watch everyone in the class become more fully embodied and to move in ways that encourage us to expand our boundaries.

As an experienced dancer who can no longer move in the ways that I used to, I’m accustomed to feeling diminished or patronized during dance classes, including so-called “adaptive” classes. During India’s classes I simply feel like a dancer among dancers. It’s such a pleasure to be challenged to move in ways that stretch my dance edges again. While this isn’t really a technique-based class, I always come away feeling that I learned new dance language.

Every time I go to one of her four-hour classes, I think “Wow, four hours is a long time to spend in a class.” And every time, when India announces that it’s time to wind up the class, I’m amazed and wonder where the time went. I’m never ready to stop when the time is up.
— Tara Ayres
Photo of Tara Ayres. She is a white wheelchair user with graying curly hair. she sits in her wheelchair, stretching her arms out, and smiling at the camera. she is wearing a white t shirt and blue pants.